Information for visitors

If you would like to come and help our dogs for the first time so please give us a note to our vkontakte in advance to obtain all details from our chief volunteers.

Important note: it's prohibited to enter the shelter without permission. You have to be accompained by one of our volunteers to enter the shelter and to take a dog for a walk from it.

Please read next topics before visiting:

  • rules for visitors - every visitor must follow the rules with no exceptions;
  • shelter needs - everything you are welcome to take for the dogs to cheer them up and make their life better.

You have to have a valid ID (or passport) to enter the shelter, also please take comfortable second clothes and second pair of shoes as the shelter could be dirty sometimes.


Купи календарь - помоги приюту :)

They wait for you

Декабрь 2014, height 65 cm
VDNKh subway station