Birth date: December 2008

Breed: mongrel

Height: 52 cm

Neutered: yes

Gerda is a very obedient dog. She has long and soft fur and a very tender character. She adores lying in the sun and showing her belly to people to be petted. Her eyes are very sad when she is in her cage in the shelter. But if you take her out of the shelter, her mood changes immediately. She becomes really happy and enjoys walking by a person’s side. Unfortunately, the walks don’t last long and one would want to be always happy. Adopt this beauty, she has been waiting for her owner for a really long time! She’s one of the best family dogs; she will get on well with children and pets.


Купи календарь - помоги приюту :)

They wait for you

июнь 2012, height 45 cm
VDNKh subway station