Birth date: March 2011

Breed: mongrel

Height: 50 cm

Neutered: yes

Hilda is a small short-haired dog. She’s so calm and obedient that even a child can walk her without any problems. She started to walk outside the shelter not long ago but has already learnt a trick “Come!” She knows this trick very well and runs to a person immediately though there are a lot of curious things around for her to check. She can walk on a leash very well and can even wear a muzzle if it’s needed (but she’s not very eager to wear it nevertheless). Hilda is a nice jumper. If you offer her some treats, she can walk on her hind legs. Hilda likes to play tag with other dogs and she’s very positive overall. This dog is attached to people. She likes it to be stroked and caressed. She can even snap at other dogs on order to draw your attention to herself. And a big size of such a dog will not matter to her. When she is out for a walk she can also stand for herself.

Hilda loves to lie in the sun and to chew green grass. She’s quite suspicious towards unknown people. But if you spend some time with her and give her some treats she will start trusting you for sure. This dog will certainly become your best friend because she’s very cute, funny and truly loyal.


Купи календарь - помоги приюту :)

They wait for you

2010, height 57 cm
VDNKh subway station