Birth date: January 2008

Breed: mongrel

Height: 52 cm

Neutered: yes

This dog was named Tigra (which somehow correlates with the word “tiger” in Russian) not because of her angry or wild character. The real reason of naming her this way was the colour of her silky and soft coat which looks like a tiger coat (brindle). She’s been socialized not long ago, nevertheless she can walk on a leash really well and can wear a muzzle if it’s needed. This girl will accompany you off-leash with great pleasure, too. Tigra is calm and confident but if you take her out for a walk, she starts jumping around you like a puppy. She’s eager to leave the shelter as far and quick as it’s possible. Only after that she relaxes and lies in the green grass with great pleasure. She likes her belly to be petted by people very much. Alas, Tigra has blunt teeth but she has sharp mind: she has already learnt such commands as “Heel!” and “Sit!” We continue on teaching her new commands. Tigra is a very clever and obedient dog. She will listen to you and try to do everything you want from her. This optimistic dog wants to meet her owner one day to be taken away from the shelter forever. Would you like to adopt this kind and clever girl?

They wait for you

январь 2007, height 50 cm
VDNKh subway station