Birth date: October 2014

Breed: mongrel

Height: 53 cm

Neutered: yes

Asta is a dog with an open heart. If you look into her tender eyes full of anxiety, you will understand that she needs human’s attention and love very much. It’s very important for Asta to feel warmth of a human’s hand. If you put your hand on her back, she will be ready to sit next to you for hours just to feel it. And if you glance at her even for a second, she will start wagging her tail cheerfully. She wants to show people that she’s glad to get any amount of attention.

Asta is sociable not only with people but also with other dogs. During her walks she goes next to a person and never pulls the leash. She reacts to any person’s movement. Asta feels so bad living in the shelter. If you adopt her, your home will get endless happiness and great mood!

They wait for you

May 2011, height 55 cm
VDNKh subway station