Birth date: October 2014

Breed: mongrel

Height: 50 cm

Neutered: yes

Chelsea is a teen dog. She’s active and cheerful. She’s got lots of energy, positive emotions and this girl is ready to play anytime. She will be a great family dog because she likes children very much. She’s easily trained, can perform various tricks, walks perfectly on a leash. A long walk with different games is definitely her cup of tea. Besides, Chelsea is very clever and kind, she will get on well with other dogs in the family or some other pets. As she’s still a teen dog, she’s quite naughty and lacks good manners: she may jump on people, lick their faces and hands.

Chelsea is absolutely healthy, neutered and vaccinated against rabies. This young doggie arrived to our shelter not long ago and we really hope that she would leave it before winter. Please, adopt this naughty cutie!

They wait for you

ноябрь 2020, height 60 cm
VDNKh subway station