Birth date: January 2014

Breed: shepherd mongrel

Height: 60 cm

Neutered: yes

Aisha is very charming and beautiful like a real shepherd!

Nobody knows what Aisha had to endure when she was a small puppy, but she's still friendly with people. She likes tender, kind and warm hands. Now she's still cautious with people but she's getting more and more friendly and relaxed with people day by day. Aisha is very attentive during her walks with people. She has her eyes fixed on a person next to her and waits for encouriging words. This dog always walks right by people's side, as if she's always been a patrol dog. She can be easily trained. But at the same time Aisha is quite cunning and naughty, so you should always keep that in your mind and be ready to stop it. It will always be very interesting to have this dog by your side. She will never make you feel bored!

They wait for you

август 2020, height 56 cm
VDNKh subway station