Birth date: October 2009

Breed: mongrel

Height: 60 cm

Neutered: yes

This picture cannot leave anyone cold-hearted as this dog's piercing glance says: "I'm waiting for my owner, I'll be a good and loyal friend, I swear". Sonya still believes that her owner will come to the shelter one day and will take her to a new home. Do not be afraid of her size as she's a totally harmless and sensitive creature. Sonya is very trusting and naive. And sometimes it seems that she forgets about her age and behaves like a pup. There's no doubt that she can bring you a lot of positive emotions because she a big dog with a kind heart. And she's also very well-mannered that's why she will never make you sad by refusing to accept tasty treats from your hands.

They wait for you

август 2020, height 50 cm
VDNKh subway station