Birth date: February 2012

Breed: German Shepherd mongrel

Height: 60 cm

Neutered: yes

Tender and obedient Utah is going to be your loyal friend. She walks on a leash perfectly well. She can even wear a muzzle if it is needed. This girl knows a command “Heel!” and can accompany you off-leash. As she’s a German shepherd mongrel she can also be a good guard and can protect you and your family from evil people. Utah likes pressing herself against people’s legs to be stoked and caressed. She had stayed unnoticed in her cage for a long time before she was socialized by our volunteers. That’s why she likes to run around non-stop during her walks out of the shelter. Utah is waiting for her owners very much. Please, adopt this cutie, she deserves it really!


Купи календарь - помоги приюту :)

They wait for you

сентябрь 2011, height 65 cm
VDNKh subway station