Birth date: June 2007

Breed: beagle mongrel

Height: 53 cm

Neutered: no

Beagley is a calm, unobtrustive but tender beagle mongrel. He's great guy with deep beautiful eyes and ears looking like envelopes. It feels like he still doesn't understand what he does in the shelter as he's sure, that this place is not for him. Going for a walk outside he huns fast to gather some freedom and feel really free. Then he calms down and walks by a human. Beagley likes cuddles and some attention, you can see as he asks for some caress touching your hand by his nose. He likes belly rubs much too, that's why he often lies on his back waiting for some special kind of attention. Beagley is kind and easy dog, he isn't agressive to unknown persons and unknown pets too. Take Beagley home and you won't ever regret. He'll always be by your side full of trust and love to you and your family.

They wait for you

август 2019, height 53 cm
VDNKh subway station