Birth date: June 2007

Breed: mongrel

Height: 60 cm

Neutered: no

An adult wise dog called Valdai is always at the entrance of the shelter. Thanks to his excellent hearing and precise sniffing abilities he's always first to announce when something goes wrong during the day or night shift. When Valdai was borrowed into the shelter, he was placed to an usual cage with other dogs. Then he became very-very sad, the dog looked really poor and even didn't want to eat. Valdai could also die having nothing to do in the cage, that's why shelter's staff gave him a chance to feel useful. He became a security dog of the shelter, and thus by serving people he's got a sense of life. Valdai is kind and calm to known persons and always barks while seeing strangers. Have you maybe looked for a such wise and faithful guardian?

They wait for you

февраль 2020, height 55 cm
VDNKh subway station