Birth date: January 2013

Breed: mongrel

Height: 57 cm

Neutered: yes

Meet Jungo, a dog called good soul. He's looking forward to a new life full of freedom and love brought by his new owner. Jungo has many advantages like goodness and energy, which is too strong to be placed into a small shelter's cage. This dog's kindness is too wide to allow him to be a good security dog, but the role of a really good friend is just for him. Jungo is smart, happy and playful, and will be a pefrect companion for every active person. He can walk on a leash as well as leash-free, ready to learn new tricks and follow his future owner. The dream of this dog is to be unique and just perfect for his own... owner.


Купи календарь - помоги приюту :)

They wait for you

May 2011, height 55 cm
VDNKh subway station