Birth date: January 2004

Breed: mongrel

Height: 38 cm

Neutered: yes

Sam is an adult dog, who's experienced a lot of bad things during his long life. Nobody knows, what had happened to him before the shelter life, but his unsure and scared looking tells us he wasn't happy. Sam spent a lot of time in a deep dark corner of a cage in the shelter, he was totally scared to everything and everybody. But time went by, Sam's guardian spent many hours to take care of that dog, and as a result Sam started to walk inside and then outside the shelter, he also allowed to touch him gently. Nowadays Sam walks outside in a park with a pleasure, leash and leash-off walks became not a problem at all. As he's really adult dog, long walks are not for him. Respect to his age, Sam has some issues with bones unfortunately. Day by day he sits with a touching face in the shelter looking sadly and angry sometimes, he almost lost a hope to find his own home and his new owner, who will really love it. Please look at Sam, and maybe you have some time and space for that poor dog before he lives this cruel world?

They wait for you

март 2011, height 55 cm
VDNKh subway station