Birth date: March 2011

Breed: mongrel

Height: 50 cm

Neutered: yes

Tyler is a heard and soul of his cage in the shelter for sure. He accepts any kind of caress with a great pleasure, so even apathetic and scared dogs start to communicate to human looking at him. Tyler has a big muzzle and the same big amount of energy, which he usually doesn't use, hidden in his body. The dog walks by on a leash as well as leash-off, he's ready to walk in a muzzle if needed. He listens to a human and knows some tricks. Want more? Just drop him a hint and show, that it's allowed to be more opened, and he will run around full of craziness, will jump like a frog and won't forget to lick your cheek.

They wait for you

сентябрь 2019, height 60 cm
VDNKh subway station