Useful tips

If you are ready to get a dog for you and your family think about adopting a dog from some shelter. Many people are sure that one should get only a puppy to teach it tricks and make it obedient; people also think that a dog can be loyal to only one owner. Actually, dogs can learn things throughout their lives, so you can teach a grown-up stray dog different tricks and how to walk on a leash and wear a muzzle.

Dogs become very loyal to the family and the person who looks after it no matter that it could have an owner some time before as well. These animals are very wise and they understand the fact that you take them from the shelter. They try to be very helpful and understanding towards the new family. Many of the adopted animals are really afraid to lose their new home and family, they become very attached to them and try to guard them as well. And of course, the fact that you adopt a grown-up dog give you many good points: such dogs don't chew anything at home, they don't have problems with the toilet and of course you know about the dog's traits for character so you can choose any you like the most.

When you choose a dog from a shelter, think carefully about the dog you want to see next to you. It can be either a calm and obedient dog which isn't very active and doesn't need long walks outside. Or you might need an active and friendly dog for the big family to play with and good for travelling and camping. It's very important to choose the right dog for the flat or for your own cottage. Our volunteers can help you to choose the right dog you need for you and your family, just try to picture some traits of character you are looking forward to seeing in your future dog.

 The dog that was taken from a shelter suffers from the great stress because its environment (even if it was very unpleasant and uncomfortable) was changed. That is why such dogs can lie in some places for the few days without noticing anyone. The owner should be ready for that and leave the dog alone for some time to let it look around and understand that nothing bad is happening. Such dogs can also refuse to eat and to drink during these days so you don't need to panic because it's absolutely normal. The dog gets attached to the new family within the first week and the bond gets stronger each week and month. By the end of the first year people always get the feeling that their adopted dog was raised from a puppy right in their house.

If you choose a dog from our shelter, we are always ready to give you useful tips about the dog. There are a lot of families that decided to adopt dogs from our shelter and we get many interesting and happy stories from them every day.

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