Red Pine the dog shelter

Red Pine is a Moscow state dog shelter which has more than 450 dogs. Some of the dogs were born in the street, others used to have homes. The shelter started its work in 2009.

Dogs are taken to the shelter with the help of special city services which are responsible for catching unsupervised animals. 

No matter that the shelter is financed by the state government, dog life in the shelter is very hard and unhappy. We can barely imagine their life without the help of our volunteers. The shelter can become the final destination for the dogs: they live there for years until the very end. The dogs lack human attention which they treasure very much. And it’s very hard for a dog to live in a cage which is not big (only 2x4 square meters) and has up to 6-8 dogs inside. 

Guardianship in the shelter

Unfortunately there are not so many people, who are ready to adopt a dog from the shelter. Sometimes it takes us years to find a new home for the shelter dogs no matter that our dogs are ready to live in a flat or in the country house with their new owners. That's why we spend much time to advertise as many of them as it's possible. We take pictures of the dogs, write advertisments to post them on Internet yellowpages and send them to newspapers and magazines.

Our goal is to find new homes and good owners for as many dogs as it's possible, because every dog that lives in a shelter dreams about its own family and its own home.

We lack volunteers!

If you live in Moscow and wish to adopt a dog from our shelter, but you simply can't do it, then we're glad to offer you a special guardianship campaign. The campaign allows you to choose one of our dogs you like and help it. You can come and walk it outside of the shelter, feed it with canned meat, dog treats and pet it. Your attention is very important for the dogs.

If you're interested in the guardianship campaign, please contact us through the e-mail address redpine@bk.ru

It would be great if you could visit the shelter even once. Every single dog needs your attention. And we, volunteers, need your help. We'd like you to be one of us.

They wait for you

январь 2019, height 59 cm
VDNKh subway station