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This site was created by us, volunteers of the Red Pine dog shelter, with great love and care. You can find here some interesting tips that can help you to understand your dog in a better way. And we really hope you would like to browse our picture and video galleries. 

If you have any questions, please use contacts at the bottom of the page.

This site has helped many dogs to find their new homes out of the country. There are people who weren't afraid to take a dog from a Russian shelter. When the dogs arrived to a new country, they were very happy to get new owners. They quickly learnt their new names and started to understand their family and other people around. The dogs get used to new environment very quickly because they love the people by their sides and do their best to understand them and do as they wish.

Here are some stories of the Red Pine dogs who found their new homes out of Russia:

Darja lives in Germany together with two other adopted dogs

In January 2015 our elderly dog called Darja was adopted by a wonderful woman called Gizela from Germany. Gizela takes care about Darja so now she has beautiful silky coat and looks wonderful and happy. Darja lives in the country house together with some other adopted dogs. She loves her new owner very much and runs to her whenever she calls her. Darja adores it when Gizela strokes her and tells her tender words. No matter that Darja is about 11 years old, she helps other dogs from the family to guard the territory and barks at people who walk too close to the fence. Sometimes Gizela takes Darja to the national park where she works (she looks after the bears there). And Darja likes it to look silently at the bears with great curiousity. In winter Darja and two more dogs live in the house and in the spring all of them live in the garden where they play, guard the house and lie in the green grass. Gizela loves Darja very much and sends us pictures and news about her through the e-mail. 

Trisha and Loki found their home in Panama

Two pups, Trisha and Loki, were adopted by a kindhearted man from Panama called Richard. Before the new owner adopted Trisha and Loki, he had lost his beloved dogs. One of them died and the other one died too because it was too unhappy to lose his friend. So Richard decided to adopt two dogs from Russia. Trisha and Loki were found by our volunteers. These pups were freezing alone in the street in winter before they were found and taken to the tempopary home. We sent Trisha and Loki to Panama where they saw the sea for the first time! Trisha and Loki loved their new owner very much, they grew up very obedient and nice. They adore guarding Richard and his family and the house. And they like to go for a walk in the beach, run there and play. Richard sends us news about the pups and he always says that he did it right to adopt those two cuties!

The Arni Foundation in Deytona Beach, Florida, and the British Foundation LAPA helped us to find homes to four of our shelter dogs

Two grown-up puppies, Jimmy and Fresh, and two adult dogs, Michelle and Trinity, found their forever homes thanks to the Arni Foundation which is situated in Deytona Beach, Florida, the USA (http://www.arnifoundation.org) and the British Foundation LAPA (http://www.lapauk.org/en/). These dogs were brought to the USA by plane and were placed to the Arni Foundation shelter.
Very quickly Jimmy and Fresh found their forever homes. Both of them were adopted by the families with big cottages and large gardens where they now run and play.
And it took more time to find а home for Trinity because she had a great problem with her front leg: it was all messed up and looked quite strange. But this didn't stop one nice lady who decided adopt Trinity. This dog was very grateful to her new owner, she loved her very much and followed her everywhere.
And the fourth dog, Michelle, was the last one to be adopted just because this doggie lacked teeth but at the same time she was all active and strong. The Arni Foundation had to write an article about this dog and that also helped to find this poor creature a new home. Now all of the dogs are happy because they have their own loving families!

We have more stories to tell you about. You can find them in "At Home" part of our site. If you have any questions about some certain dogs or you 've decided to adopt a dog from our shelter, please contact us through the e-mail.


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